Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wong Kei

If you happen to venture into London's China town, (which is the ONE bit of brilliant colour you will spot in the city at this time of the year) you might spot a small, unobtrusive restaurant called Wonk Kei. Not the best of decors, mind you, but we're not there for the decor. No, we're not even there for the 10-pound Tees which proudly claim 'Wong Kei' framed by the words 'upstairs' and 'downstairs'. Nope. You, my friend, are there for the food, which, is as Indian Chinese as you will get in a restaurant out of India.
As you open the doors, you skip the tantalizing images of roast duck hanging by the window, and just head on straight to the back of the resaurant and up the stairs (hence the upstairs and downstairs tee). Find yourself a comfortable corner. Don't bother waiting to be seated. Just help yourself to a nice, empty table. Preferably, choose one by the window- it's got a great view of the streets below. Good. Comfortable? Now just order to your heart's content. Pretty much everything on the menu, I'm told, is good.

Us being in sober company, stuck to the basics- Fried chicken noodles, egg rice, mushrooms in black sauce and chicken in Bean sauce. This was more than enough for four people and the best part- the bill came to under 16 pounds!
I have been told that one of the specialities in this restaurant is the fried duck and the beef in bean sauce. there are also a lot of pork dishes one can try, but there was only so much one can fit into a lunch...
P.S: for all the desis who like their food hot'n' spicy, the chilly oil kept as a condiment at the table should serve you well.

Value for Money:****