Sunday, December 10, 2006

Don Giovanni

Well, first off, if you're like me- someone who speaks like there's a fog horn stuck in my throat all the time, this place is not for you. The moment your voice rises above dulcet whispers here, the waiters pass by in turns giving you dirty looks. The flip side however is that the atomosphere is hence condusive to romance and candlelight. Add to that the excellent collection of wine that the place boasts, and we have the ideal setting for lovebirds.
Oddly though, the only guests we could actually spot were straight-laced gujju families enjoying their repast- the birds of the loving variety were conspicuous by their absence. Perhaps what kept them away were the forbidding prices to the dishes. The moment one opens the menu, there's a note about how the joint was strictly Italina, would not compromise on quality, made everything feresh and did NOT Indianise the dishes. Ah. OK. Having made it thus far, and refusing to be intimidated by the Maitre De or the Italian menu, we order the food.
I must say, the food throughly lived upto its build up. Fresh Igredients- check; Authentic Italian- check; Opera Music- check!
I would strongly suggest the pizzas and the bruchettas. Didn't have an opportunity to sample the pasta, but judging from the groans of delight from the adjacent table, I would guess it's just as good.

All in all, If fine wine and candlelight is what your out for, Don Giovanni is your thing, honey!

Ambience: ****
Value for Money: *
Food: ***

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