Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Yorkers

If you're one of those souls who loves to try various cuisines, all within the confines of vegetarianism, New Yorkers is the perfect starting point.

Mexicana and Italiana (barring pizzas, which and tres Indiana) are pretty decent here, with a liberal smattering of Cheese in all its forms available here. The trademark dishes, which everyone orders here, and is a given if you visit here are the onion rings and the nachos with cheese starters. Apart from these (which are quite enough to fill a medium-sized stomach), if you're still in the mood, you can try the baby potatoes in a delicious herb sauce and italian seasoning or the chocolate fondue for the really indulgent. Serving time is really short, but you'll have to put up with snotty brats in half pants for the duration of your meal. (make you feel OLD)

Ambience: **
Value for Money:***

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